Review: Streetball (Android)

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Most people either love sports games or hate them. Here is a fun arcade basketball game that doesn’t take itself too seriously. This may put off some hardcore sports gamers but I think it opens the market up nicely for casual gamers and that is exactly the kind of game I love on a mobile phone.

Modern basketball games have two options, arcade or realism. The NBA 2K12 style of realism requires a lot of time and effort to develop, not to mention money… lots and lots of money. The other option is arcade games. These tend to add quirky characters, cartoony graphics and simple gameplay. On mobile devices you would really struggle to gain a balance with price/ graphic capabilities/ controls and scope. Battery Acid Games has really chosen the right option in this regard. They have blended an enjoyable control system with interesting character options and a short game length making it ideal for a short wait for a bus.

It won’t break any new ground but it will provide sports fans with a fun option for gaming on the go. You can choose between Two-on-Two, H-O-R-S-E or First to 21. Two-on-Two provides you with a 4 minute long match where it is obviously highest points wins.

First to 21 is pretty much self explanatory, two teams play until someone reaches 21 points. H-O-R-S-E provides a different style of game though. Two opposing players take shots at goal, if one player gets it and the other misses then they get a letter. The first one to spell out horse loses.

The gameplay is simple, one button passes the other shoots on offense, on defense the buttons become steal and block. When you shoot you must time your shot to gain accuracy. The closer to the mark the more accurate your shot. In H-O-R-S-E it works a little differently, you must trace a shape on the screen. The more accurate you trace the more likely you will nail the shot.

This is s fun game for android that will fill idle time nicely. It loses its novelty the longer you play it but that is true of most phone games so don’t be put off.

– Aidan B

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