PlayStation 3 to get movie streaming courtesy of Quickflix

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And about time, too. Australia doesn’t have Netflix, so Australian console owners haven’t really had a way to stream movies and digital content through their consoles (though Mubi is awesome, it’s for the cult classics). That’s about to be remedied, thanks to a new partnership with Quickflix.

According to a press release from Sony, the PS3 is in itself accounting for 30 per cent of all movie streaming in the US, so clearly there’s a market for movie streaming on consoles.

“The Quickflix movie streaming service on PlayStation 3 will provide unlimited viewing of movies from a constantly changing catalogue, complementing its online DVD and Blu-Ray rental by mail service which provides unlimited rentals each month from Australia’s largest movie and TV series library that features more than 50,000 titles,” the press release claims.

No news about when this will be made available, or for how much, but welcome to the party, Australia.

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