Dungeons & Dragons: Heroes of Neverwinter open on Facebook to everyone!

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Atari’s last Dungeons & Dragons project, Heroes of Neverwinter, is a Facebook game that promises a “deep RPG experience.” Which would be a first for Facebook, but now everyone has a chance to test it out to see if that’s reality, or just hype as it’s just entered open beta phase.

According to Atari, players will be able to explore over 50 dungeons, battle over 40 unique monsters, learn over 30 unique skills and discover hundreds of powerful magic items.

That in itself seems standard enough fare for a Facebook RPG, but here’s the exciting bit, the one that will have us checking out the game; gamers can even take on the role of Dungeon Master and create their own adventures for friends and other players to explore.

Yeah, being the DM sounds good to us. Stay tuned to our full review, or check the game out yourself at http://apps.facebook.com/neverwinterheroes/?track=EuPR&kt_tu=partner

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