Review: Dimo Eggs (iPhone)

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Dimo Eggs is a new puzzle game from CGMatic which is elegantly simple to pick up and play and has the potential for unlimited replayability. Dimo the Dinosaur will challenge you to recreate a variety of patterns on his eggs, all the while increasing the difficulty the further you progress in the game. With a myriad of tools at your disposal, beautiful and colourful graphics and the option of challenging your friends, Dimo Eggs looks set to be a winner.

Dimo the Dinosaur is decorating eggs and wants to see if you have what it takes to match his skills. He’ll show you a design, give you all the right tools and then leave you to replicate his masterpieces. From simple designs involving a stripe or two, to more complex creations that will require plenty of planning and forethought, Dimo Eggs is geared towards a wide audience of gamers. Kids will love the cutesy artwork and can exercise their minds in terms of logical progression while older players will enjoy the challenge of getting each egg just so.

Free to download, Dimo Eggs offers 10 stages right off the bat, with the option to buy 30 more for only $0.99. The first 10 stages will give you a taste of what’s to come and will slowly introduce the different tools you’ll need to successfully decorate Dimo’s eggs. Use a belt to leave a stripe, or the paintbrush to draw eyes. More ingenious tools like the crystalliser are trickier to master while matching different shades of moss by watering your egg can prove to be harder than it looks.

With Game Centre integration as well as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube compatibility, Dimo Eggs is a very socially oriented game. Challenge your friends to recreate your designs by posting them to the social networking sites or show your skills off as you match their artworks. See who’s ideas and eggs reign supreme while you wait for the all new content, which is on its way, to become available.

Great graphics, boppy music and a unique take on the puzzle format, Dimo Eggs will keep players of any age entertained and addicted. The social aspect of the game means that you can keep creating and recreating an endless variety of eggs so the fun never has to stop. Definitely worth checking this one out.

– Dom S

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