Nordic Games acquires JoWooD

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JoWooD and its subsidiary, The Adventure Company, will become arms of the Nordic Games Holding group as the rising star Swedish publisher looks to expand its product offering.

JoWooD, an Australian publisher, is one of those companies that flies under the radar, but has produced some hits in its time, including the Gothic series of roleplaying games, Spellforce, and Industry Giant. The group has also been responsible for the likes of Painkiller and Arx Fatalis (that game especially is awesome).

In the short term, Nordic Games is setting JoWooD and The Adventure Company the task of re-launching its huge back catalogue of games and invest in developing the wholly owned IP’s and franchises, including SpellForce, Painkiller, ArcaniA, The Guild, Panzer Elite, Legend of Kay, The Nations, Safecracker, and Neighbours From Hell.

That IP acquisition is going to make Nordic Games suddenly a much more significant player than it was previously. The We Sing publisher will probably appreciate that it now has something a little more… game-y to sell. In a release, Nordic Games CEO, Lars Wingefors, said: “this new venture will be a fresh start, and we will be introducing new systems, procedures and business ethics to ensure the company goes from strength to strength.”

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