Trouble Brothers hosting online board game games nights

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Got some digital board games? Having trouble finding a game? Trouble Brothers, the developers behind the excellent Cargo Runners, has been good enough to organise a regular games night.

The team has organised games for the next few weeks on Mondays, from 7pm to 1am, Pacific Standard Time. You can find a full schedule here:

If you’re around at that time, pop over to this site: and get playing! Current games include Ticket to Ride, Cargo Runners, and Carcassonne for the iPad. That’s an excellent set of games, to be sure.

It’s really great to see digital board game developers so passionate about their art to fully immerse themselves within the community of people they’re developing for. Hopefully the games night is a success and blossoms into a large community of board game fans.

While we’re at it – anyone up for a game or two of Samurai?

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