R.I.P PSP Comics. You were the best thing on the console

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Some sad news for PSP fans – this week is the last week in which new comics will be released through the PlayStation Network for download.

The PlayStation blog update for this week confirmed that Sony’s digital comics team is now working at bringing the service to other Sony products, though it can’t confirm which platforms (fingers crossed for Vita).

Of course, you’re still able to download and enjoy the 4,000+ comics currently available for the service, but it is a pity to see it go away. The PSP’s great screen (especially the crystal-clear PSPGo) made for a great comic reading experience, and with the likes of Tokyopop on board, was one of the better non-gaming services we’ve seen on a games console.

We’d love to hear what your favourite comics are on our forums; pop in and say hi!

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