Review: Yard Sale Hidden Treasures: Sunnyville (WiiWare)

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Available on WiiWare, this game offers players a chance to seek and find various objects at their neighbours yard sales to decorate their homes. The game is quite simple, you select a yard sale to go to and then you are provided with a snapshot of that yard. From this snapshot you must find a series of different objects just like a Where’s Wally.

I hate neighbours with yards that messy

You might think that this game is a bit childish and the cartoony graphics do little to encourage you otherwise. However there is a lot of fun to be had playing this game in deciphering the one or two words clue you are given. Sometimes you may have to find a picture of an object or the word of the object or even some other interpretation. A fun example was on an observatory level you have to find Venus, straight away you will think you are looking for the planet but in actuality you are looking for the famous painting of ‘The Birth Of Venus’ by Botticelli.

This game feels like some sort of hybrid between a Where’s Wally and a Mario Party game. You have little mini-games which you have to do to assemble your various items to go in your house. These mini-games could have really added another element of depth to the gameplay but unfortunately they are simple and dull.

This game has a very Nintendo feel to it, cheesy music, punny character names and the aforementioned cartoony graphics hearken back to games like Monopoly on the Gamecube (less the patronising Monopoly man). The maps you must search are not that detailed so the scope for replayablity is rather small even though the objects you have to find are different. This is where games like Interpol: The Trail Of Dr Chaos available on PS3 and the various Professor Layton titles on DS provide a greater scope for gameplay.

At $7.50 or 500 points this game will not break the bank and nor will it exceed your expectations. A fun party game with a big screen TV and a few friends to help you out or a solo player looking to waste a bit of time you will get a few hours of fun out of this game but you definitely won’t get days of enjoyment out of it which to be honest for the price isn’t too bad.

– Aidan B

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