June edition of the Digitally Downloaded magazine now live!

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It’s been a very busy month for us folks at Digitally Downloaded. The good news is that this means our monthly magazine is packed with content.

So, what’s in the June issue? A whole lot of stuff you won’t see on the Website, including:

* Interviews with Suda 51, American McGee and board game legend, Reiner Knizia.
* In-depth with the folks at Red Wasp, who are just crazy enough to take a shot at putting a Cthulhu horror game on the iPhone.
* A chat with RPG veteran, Jeff Vogel.

We also have a full wrap-up of E3, full coverage of the Nintendo 3DS eShop launch, and a whole heap of reviews from the past month.

All up, you’re getting a 56 page magazine. And the price? Free. We’re happy just hearing your feedback.

Have a read! you can find it here: http://issuu.com/MattSainsbury/docs/issue3digitallydownloaded

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