E3 2011: Jason’s Top Ten

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Since everyone else is getting into the fun, I thought I’d join in too. Just one problem – there’s no way I can sum up what I’m looking forward to in just five choices. So with that in mind, here’s my top ten from the show floor…

10. Far Cry 3 – I was a huge fan of the first game in the series. Jack Carver in both his forms (the console and PC versions had pretty different stories) were A-OK in my book, but I found FC2 to be a big disappointment with it’s re-appearing enemies and Malaria management. FC3 in contrast, looks amazing in a whole bunch of ways. Please be good.

9. Star Trek – The last Star Trek game that I played that was any good was the ‘Next Generation’ graphic adventure on the PC many a moon ago. This new one is based on the alternate time line from the new movie series- but even with that knock against it (I’m a classic Trek fan) I’m still pumped. An action/RPGish ST game with top drawer graphics? Yeah I’ll take that.

8. Resident Evil Revelations – The first real RE title for the 3DS, Mercenaries doesn’t count, takes the series back to it’s roots with a creepy mansion and more puzzles. Nay sayers be damned, going backwards isn’t always a bad thing.

7. Mario Kart 3DS – When is more Mario Kart ever a bad thing? The best kart racer of all time comes to the third dimension on the 3DS and looks incredible. Classic Mario stuff mixes with some pretty terrific graphics and brand new ideas like underwater racing. But honestly, Nintendo didn’t really have to change anything for this to be a homerun… or for me to want to play it.

6. HALO Combat Evolved Anniversary – A HD remake of the original blockbuster with online multi? Yes please. It’s a great way to celebrate the tenth birthday for the series since Halo 4 is still over a year away. Now where’s my pistol?

5. Dead Island- Every promotional piece that is released for this game looks stunning and the footage that emerged from e3 was no different. Actually seeing the game (and gameplay) in action just reaffirmed it for a lot of folks- this is going to be one to watch.

4. Darksiders 2 – I really didn’t expect to see much on D2 for a while yet, but I was very pleasantly surprised. The game looks beautiful and the new player character, Death, looks super cool and fits perfectly with the aesthetic that the series has established. And how big is that game world? Yow.

3. Batman: Arkham City – The first Batman ‘Arkham’ game was like mana from above. It brought great control, excellent graphics, a cool story, and the voice talent form the beloved Batman: The Animated Series all together to make one unstoppable package. The sequel looks like it’s going to do nothing but deliver on more of the same with new coolness like the addition of Catwoman as both playable character and a secondary storyline. And what’s this I hear about playing as Robin?

2. Mass Effect 3 – There isn’t much that has to said about the capper to one of the greatest sci-fi saga’s to ever grace consoles. Predictably, Mass 3 looks like it’s going to be a GOTY contender. The biggest question surrounding the game is whether BioWare will take a little break or start a new trilogy ASAP.

1. Assassins Creed Revelations – Here’s another title that never disappoints. Even when an entry in the series is a little ‘off’, it’s still good. Revelations looks like it’ll be a fitting end to the Ezio plotline and even includes Altair for old time’s sake. Much like Mass Effect, I wonder where Ubi will go from here? Will series ‘hub’ Desmond take center stage, or will we go back to the Animus for another jaunt through history?

So there you have it, those are the top ten games that I’m looking forward to playing over the next year. Of course there are a ton more that are waiting in the wings that these bad boys just edged out including a load of 3DS and PS Vita games… and more than likely a pile that sit as of yet unannounced.

I have to add here that I wasn’t too enamored with the Wii U. It seemed like more of the same from Nintendo as they failed to present the software in any memorable way and instead focused on the hardware. Big mistake in my opinion. Most folks I’ve spoken with think it’s just a new incarnation of the Wii that exists now- something that couldn’t be further from the truth. And that name ain’t helping either.

One honorable mention before I go in respect to Halo 4. I’m a huge series fan and the CG video hit all the right notes with me, now knock my socks off next fall guys.

And there you have it – hope you enjoyed the read. In an industry that changes as often as this one, it can be hard to keep track of things so I’m sure I missed a few that probably should be on my list. There were so many great titles debuted and shown off at this year’s event that it’s going to be difficult to find time to play all of them. Not a bad problem to have is it?

What’s your top ten?

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