What to look forward to from Chillingo

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EA subsidary, Chillingo, has announced the lineup of iOS games it will be releasing over the next couple of months.

Chief among them is the awesome Swords and Soldiers, which we still think is the best strategy game available on WiiWare. With touch screen controls, it should be even better.

The full list of games (and their descriptions, according to the press release):

Spider Jack: Say hello to Spider Jack, an adorable arachnid with an appetite that’s hard to satisfy. Capture all of the flies in a variety of environments — from an abandoned barn to a buzzing laboratory — and help Jack get his fill!

Dream Track Nation: 2D racing will never be the same as players construct crazy tracks with loops and special powers to create huge, gravity-defying jumps as they sprint to the finish line! Use the in-game level designer to share an infinite number of tracks online with friends and challenge their skills in this exhilarating new racer with colorful and playful graphics.

Spoing: Experience the sound and the fury in this exciting new trampoline-based, precision platformer. Recover the stolen rainbow-diamonds one jump at a time. But things aren’t as simple as they seem, as creating each platform is just as important as landing on them!

Swords & Soldiers: Preheat your barbeque – the award winning 2D side-scrolling strategy game is coming to the iOS platform! Meet the steak-loving Vikings, command the Chinese emperor’s toy, cast Aztec’s poison arrow and many more as you travel the globe to obtain the power of the gods!  

D.A.R.K.: Sci-fi meets horror survival RPG in this 3D dual-stick shooter. Set aboard an enormous and eerily abandoned spacecraft, players investigate the mysterious disappearance of the ship’s crew. Cue tactical battles of wits with unique and highly intelligent enemies as you explore the game’s massive environments, hunting down a plethora of upgradable weaponry and tons of hidden items.

Vampire Rush: Discover an explosive combination of Tower Defense and Hack’n’Slash action genres in this unique title. Improve your sword combat skills, gain special abilities and don’t forget to place your Towers wisely to survive the countless Vampire hordes! With brand new exclusive-iOS features ranging from fun, new levels, upgradable skills to new game modes and a fully revamped interface and graphics – Vampire Rush is sure to challenge players for hours!

Clickgamer Solitaire: The ultimate Solitaire companion with online competition, superb graphics and animation that puts competitors to shame with its smooth and realistic experience. Don’t miss this diamond in the rough nor Derek, the cute and cuddly, loveable bulldog mascot in the game! (note; this game is available now).

So, where’s the iPad port of The Quest, guys?

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