Ragnarok Online goes free-to-play, but VIPs get all the fun

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One of the more popular MMOs out there, Ragnarok Online, has joined the league of MMOs that has gone free-to-play.

Instead of the monthly subscription fee, there’s instead the option to pay for a VIP Package. VIPs do get a huge range of bonuses, though, such as:

·     1.5x Experience rate

·     1.5x Monster drop rate

·     Increased Kafra Storage

·     Less experience loss upon death

·     Access to special areas and Buff NPCs

·     Access to create characters on all 9 character slots

So, essentially, the free-to-play mode is a demo. If you try the game, and like it, you’re probably advised to upgrade to VIP status.

Still, it’s nice to have that try-before-you-buy option.

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