GMT Games to bring serious board games to iPad – with a catch

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You might never have heard the name GMT Games, but it is a boardgame publisher with a seriously dedicated fan base.

See, GMT Games produces serious, strategic boardgames – and specifically wargames. If you’ve ever seen an image of a map covered with hexagonal “spaces,” with little coloured cardboard icons sitting on top covered with random numbers and icons, then you’ve probably seen a GMT Games title.

GMT Games are great fun, despite looking strange on the surface

These games are famous for having incredible depth and a firm grasp of military strategy – like video games from Matrix Games, the appeal of these games is testing your understanding of real military tactics and recreating (and potentially changing) the results of real battles.

So it is especially exciting that GMT Games is keen on getting to work porting these games to the iPad. As we’ve said in reviews of other board games, such as Reiner Knizia’s Samurai, A Small World and Through the Desert, the iPad is the perfect format for board games, and the potential is there for GMT Games to find a whole new legion of fans with iPad owners.

A post on the GMT Games Website outlined the publisher’s new found interest in the iPad: “We’ve decided to expand out computer and especially our I-Pad (sic) offerings are actively interested in working with out customers to get more of out games available as I-Pad (sic) titles.”

The scale of some GMT Games productions is truly massive

But there’s a catch, as the quote above suggests – GMT Games needs developers. As the Website post continues, the company would rather work with smaller developers so its project can be a higher priority.

It is, of course, prepared to work of revenue sharing arrangements. If you are an indie developer with a passion for deeply strategic, intelligent boardgames, you can get in touch with the team at

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