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Friday, June 17, 2016

The E3 wrap: all our coverage so you can catch up over the weekend!

Article by Matt S. 

And that's a wrap, everyone! E3 is done for another year, and now we know what to look forward to over the next 12 months, what we'll be playing, and what we can look forward to seeing in a more complete state at the next E3.

I think it's be a pretty decent show, on balance. While I'm much more partial to Japanese games, and those tend to be buried in the major stage shows, there was nonetheless enough interesting stuff on display that I know I'm not going to go for want of games to play any time soon. As usual, there was also a bunch of indie and Japanese stuff that flew under most people's radars, but really caught my attention nonetheless.

Of course, it's impossible to cover everything that E3 has to offer. It's simply impossible, but all together we published just shy of 30 stories about the event, with plenty of trailers and screenshots to whet your appetites. So, if you're catching up on E3 news over the weekend, be sure to have a browse through the below, and be sure to let us know what you felt were the highlights and disappointments of E3 2016.

Until next year, folks!

Stage show summaries:

Games to watch from Japan:

Games to watch from the west:

Other articles about E3

I hope DDNet's coverage of E3 has been both interesting and useful to you!

- Matt S.
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The E3 wrap: all our coverage so you can catch up over the weekend!
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