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Friday, January 15, 2016

Trailer: First teaser for the Monster Monpiece sequel, right here!

We mentioned recently that Compile Heart was strongly indicating that it had a sequel to Monster Monpiece in the works. Well, now that's all been confirmed and we've got the first teaser trailer for Monster Monpiece Naked.

From the Gematsu story:
"The smartphone game is a followup to PS Vita’s Monster Monpiece. It features all new characters and monsters, 3D card battles, and added features like auto and skip functionalities that make the game easier to play on smartphones."
The trailer itself doesn't offer any gameplay footage, but does show a couple of the gorgeous girls that will appear in it.

I do think that this one will work well on mobile. Card collecting and grinding go well with the whole free-to-play format, so now it's just a question on whether we can look forward to seeing the game in English or not.

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In the meantime, for people that don't have PlayStation Vitas (Monster Monpiece being a Vita exclusive), there's a PC port on the way in the not to distant future.

- Matt S. 

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Trailer: First teaser for the Monster Monpiece sequel, right here!
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