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Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Popular mobile game Plague Inc. coming to Xbox One

Have you ever dreamed of creating a supervirus that would ultimately end in the entire world population being wiped out? Now is your chance to do so, at least in simulation form (a fact the rest of us are grateful for). Plague Inc. is expanding from mobile and Steam Early Access with it’s release on Xbox One titled Plague Inc: Evolved.

An estimated 55 million people have picked up the game on mobile devices since its launch three years ago, and with good reason: Plague Inc. is deceptively addictive, and I still find myself returning to it every couple of months. The game is essentially a virus simulator, showing the effects a certain strain could have on the world under varying circumstances. It turns out it takes careful planning to wipe out billions of people. Take a look at the trailer for the game’s move to PC/Mac:

The Xbox one version of Plague Inc: Evolved contains 20 scenarios, nine disease types, speed-run mode, and super-difficult mode. London-based Ndemic Creations, the studio behind the game, also promises free updates, DLC, and custom community-created scenarios.

Plague Inc: Evolved is being released for Xbox One September 18.

- Lindsay M.
News Editor
Popular mobile game Plague Inc. coming to Xbox One
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