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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Review: Third Blade (Android)

The hack-and-slash rpg is for me one that I have always struggled to get into. Whilst I do love games that add an RPG element I always felt that hack-and-slash was a bit forced and a poor fit. This game surprised to a little bit though.

It took me some time to get into this game since you start off with no skills at all and work your way up from the bottom. While this may be a bit harsh on my part, especially from a RPG-loving perspective, mindless button mashing doesn't do much for me. To its credit though the game really becomes more enjoyable the more skills you get. You have to balance the various skill cooldown times with your character's safety to make sure he won't get overwhelmed.

The other elements of an RPG are managed out of combat and include weapon choice (speed/balanced/power), armour and skill upgrade options. You can either choose to grind for these various upgrades or purchase them using real money, and I think it's a great bonus having either choice.

Action fans will enjoy the non-stop mayhem and rpg fans will appreciate the surprisingly decent character customisation options.

Completing the various levels unlocks new game options for you to play whilst at the same time unlocking new levels and skill options.

The controls are good, it took me some time to master the directional pad but the rest of the keys were clear and well laid out without taking up too much screen space.

Available on a free download on the Android market, this game is a fun one if you are willing to invest a little bit of time into it.

- Aidan B

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Review: Third Blade (Android)
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