Hello Kitty Island Adventure will be released for PC and Nintendo Switch early next year, with PlayStation versions to follow

Take that, Apple Arcade!

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The key art for Hello Kitty Island Adventure (Nintendo Switch).

For a year now, I’ve been struggling to keep myself from subscribing to Apple Arcade to play Hello Kitty Island Adventure; subbing for a single game is ridiculous, or so I keep telling myself. But it seems as though I’ve successfully waited it out, as the open world adventure game featuring lots of fan-favourite Sanrio characters will be released for PC and as a timed console exclusive for Nintendo Switch during 2025. It will launch later for PlayStation, but there’s been no mention of a version for any Xbox console. The timed console exclusive announcement was made during today’s Nintendo Direct.

Hello Kitty Island Adventure first launched as an Apple Arcade exclusive nearly a year ago, during July 2023. It was nominated for Best Mobile Game at The Game Awards 2023, it won a Webby People’s Voice award, and it won the Apple Arcade Game of the Year award. (That used to mean more, but the picking are arguably slim lately.)

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Set sail for a tropical island getaway as you join Hello Kitty and her friends as they (you) visit My Melody’s new gift shop at Big Adventures Park. It all seems like a great idea until you arrive to the island, find the park abandoned, and get separated from your friends. With Hello Kitty’s help, you need to restore the island’s beauty as well as its theme park.

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The game touts over 100 hours of gameplay, with iconic Sanrio characters to meet across several biomes. Some examples including braving Korumi’s haunted mansion in the Spooky Swamp, unearthing ancient secrets in fiery Mount Hothead, riding minecarts through Gemstone Mountain’s glittery caves, and discovering new treasures underwater in Rainbow Reef.

Customization is big in Hello Kitty Island Adventure. Create your own Sanrio-style avatar using a wide range of options, including dozens of faces, features, and body shapes. There are hundreds of clothing items to collect and wear. If you feel like changing it up, no problem – you can change your appearance anytime. You can also decorate your dream space or use furniture to attract new friends to the island.

There is so much to do on the island! Bake recipes, brew potions, collect critters, learn to fish, and more. Deepen your bonds with your new friends by gifting and completing quests. Search high and low for collectibles hidden on the island, like Gudetama, which are sometimes found locked behind puzzles. Play with real-life friends, helping each other explore greater heights (and depths) than ever before, solving some super tricky puzzles, grind out new high scores, or decorating vacation homes together.

Developed by Sunblink, Hello Kitty Island Adventure will be released for PC via Steam and Nintendo Switch in early 2025. That launch will be followed later on with versions for PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4.

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