Bullet-bending ballistic shooter Children of the Sun launches next month

Surreal and Savage.

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The key art for Children of the Sun.

With shooters, you would expect bullets to be constantly flying. But Children of the Sun turns this concept on its head: the player can only fire a single bullet per level. One! I really love this idea. The game is a visually-striking psychedelic revenge road trip with a blend of sniping and puzzle solving. And it is set to launch for PC in early April.

Play as The Girl. She grew up brainwashed by The Cult, but she is now free from their control. And she’s mad, waging war against The Cult and their enigmatic messiah, The Leader. The Girl has telekinetic powers and that single shot per level can be manipulated, bending and re-aiming it to curve around obstacles and directly into head of the cultists. Or, you know, directly into a car that will go boom. That’s fun too.

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Gameplay in Children of the Sun combines tactical sniping, puzzle solving, and light stealth (the light part sounds good). It’s a third-person shooter with a single-bullet twist. The bullet can be re-aimed on impact, move around obstacles, accelerate to break through armour, and other cool things to make that one shot really count.

The tale is a dark, twisted revenge story. The one-bullet action is paired up with an evocative, mystery-filled storyline. As The Girl gets her revenge on the people who made her life hell while pursuing The Leader, the story will unravel.

Children of the Sun is described as “lethally replayable by design.” Each level has multiple solutions that encourage creativity and experimentation alongside a scoring system that focuses on accuracy and efficiency. An online leaderboard helps players compare themselves to their friends and the entire world.

Developed by René Rother and published by Devolver Digital, Children of the Sun will be released for PC via Steam on April 9.

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