Fate/Stay Night is finally getting an official English release

Rin Tohsaka is bae.

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It is finally happening! For years and years now, Fate/Stay Night has been perhaps the most important visual novel to never be released (officially) in English. Despite launching a massive media property, including untold numbers of games that have been localised, the original visual novel has languished, only available to those that could track down a fan sub.

That is finally changing. Aniplex and Type-Moon have announced Fate/Stay Night Remastered. Featuring a full visual overhaul (because the original VN does look raw, to be far), this will be released on Nintendo Switch and PC this year, and localised into English and Simplified Chinese as well.

This really is a big deal. For anyone keen to know where this massive property got its start, you’ll now be able to do so.

The only downside is that the original game was adults-only, with a couple of particular scenes that are a firm no-go on a console like the Switch. The remaster will not have those scenes, obviously, as it’s actually a remaster of the Japan-only Vita version of the game (Realta Nua) and that’s a bit of a pity. You know, Rin Tohsaka on an OLED Switch screen and all that…


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