The 24 games of Christmas! Day #2: Final Fantasy XVI

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It’s that time of year again! We’re counting down the days to Christmas with our own little “advent calendar” – one new game to play over the holiday season each and every day.

As the year winds down, things get really busy. We’ve got Christmas parties to attend, the end of year rush on work, and all the rest of it. But it’s also a time where we take holidays, find a moment to relax, and enjoy the company of others. This is the best chance to catch up on some key games that you might have missed from the year… or just play that multiplayer game that you’ve been waiting to get a crew together for.

Day 2: Final Fantasy XVI

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Some games just demand that you sit down and absorb them without distractions. Final Fantasy XVI is one such game. There are many worse things that you could do than use the downtime of the season to work through this masterpiece. It goes some pretty dark places, sure, and that might not be in the spirit of Christmas, but at the end of it all, there’s a message about the indomitable spirit of humanity and community that is inspiring.


Plus, it’s just a really, really good action JRPG, with some absolutely spectacular visuals and set pieces that will linger with you for months after. It’s rare to get a game that is smart, while also pushing the boundaries of what is possible in blockbuster gaming, but Final Fantasy XVI is that game.

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