Park Beyond gets a free update, paid DLC

Community feedback was key to the update.

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The key art for Park Beyond.

Park Byeond is a theme part simulator that first launched in June of this year. When it was released, Alex reviewed it for DDNet and stated, “I can see what they were going for with Park Beyond, and they did get achingly close to it, but right now, and at least in its console variant, its not quite a recommended game without a little bug-stomping and AI fine tuning.” It’s been months since then, and the developer has definitely been listening. Today, the 2.0 patch was released for the PC version of the game; in addition, new DLC is available. (Consoles versions are launching tomorrow.)

The 2.0 patch promises to bring major improvements to the game including performance optimisation, camera behaviour, roller coaster creation, element placement, and more. It also adds the Parks and Prefabs sharing platform, powered by Players can share creations across the world and across all platforms through the Community Content menu. What exactly can be shared? Anything from the smallest decor element, to customised shops/rides, to full parks.

The new DLC is Beyond eXtreme, Park Beyond’s first theme world. Add a touch of the ’90s extreme sport vibe to any park with two new missions, crazy entertainers, new rides designed for daredevils, and lots of scenery items to create an explosive atmosphere. Beyond eXtreme is part of the annual pass, but can also be purchased separately.

In Park Beyond, become the creative force behind a series of amusement parks… a Visioneer, if you will. You’re a creator, a manager, and a designer all wrapped into one. Every aspect of the parks will be under your control. Let your imagination run wild! Build crazy loops and hoops for a rollercoaster that appeals to teens, research exciting flat rides geared towards adults, or place cheerful flat rides for families.

Cater towards your audiences and perfect your ride placement, prices, and shops depending on the audience. Staff can be hired and directed to support guests on their visits. Heatmap tools allow you to gain a deeper understanding of the complex dynamics of visitor enjoyment. Stay grounded in the realistic, or head off the rails in search of profits.

Developed by Limbic Entertainment and published by Bandai Namco, Park Beyond is currently available for PC via Steam, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series. The free 2.0 update and Beyond eXtreme DLC are available for PC players now, and will launch for consoles on October 18.

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