The finest in grindhouse, Shadows of the Damned, is getting remastered

Gonna grindhouse like it's 2010, babey!

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Shadows of the Damned is getting a remaster

Shadows of the Damned is pure grindhouse. Originally released way back in 2011, the game follows the story of Garcia, a motorcycle-riding tough guy, as he descends into hell to rescue his lingerie-clad true love from an army of demons.

Armed with Johnson (a talking skull-gun ally and, yes, the source of many innuendoes), Garcia has to fight his way through some incredibly challenging battles and experience some of the wildest interpretations of hell on his journey. This game is crass, blunt, violent, and full of B-grade exploitation, and it is absolutely magnificent. Much like Lollipop Chainsaw, which came about the same time, Shadows of the Damned represented some of Goichi Suda’s finest moments, and it’s so good to see that it’s getting a revival.

There are few details about the remaster available at this stage, though we’re promised a full reveal and breakdown during the “Grasshopper Direct”, which will occur on June 14. For now, all we’ve got to share is this announcement “trailer” which is, in true Grasshopper style, a wild event all in itself.

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