Lucy Liu will both executive produce and voice a legendary pirate in The Pirate Queen

The VR game will be shown off at Tribeca Festival.

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The key art for The Pirate Queen.

Singer Studios is a female-led production company, and the girl power is growing even stronger with the announcement that Lucy Liu will both executive produce and voice a legendary pirate in The Pirate Queen, a puzzle adventure VR game that tells the forgotten story of Cheng Shih, the most successful pirate in history. Players will use wit and strategy to navigate obstacles and unlock her story.

Lucy Liu will lend her voice to Cheng Shih herself in the thrilling journey of sunning, stealth, and daring maritime exploits. The game will provide a rich narrative experience while also exploring themes of female empowerment and diversity. Singer Studios’ mission is to tell stories that challenge the status quo and spark change, and based on the description it sounds like The Pirate Queen will do just that.

Explore the life and times of the most successful pirate in history who, despite humble beginnings, commanded a fleet of 70,000 across the South China Sea in the 19th century. The developer has meticulously researched Cheng Shih’s story in an attempt to provide a history accurate adventure.

While we won’t have a full trailer/reveal until this year’s Tribeca Festival, there is a teaser trailer to whet your appetites now:

I dare say that Lucy Liu doesn’t need an introduction, but here it is anyway: the actress is known for roles in television (Ally McBeal, Elementary) and film (Chicago, both Charlie’s Angels films, Kill Bill Vol. 1). She’s also done voicework for Kung Fu Panda, Maya & Miguel, and Mulan II. “Lucy is a formidable talent, her performance as the voice of the Pirate Queen is truly exceptional,” said director Eloise Singer in a press release. “It was a pleasure working with her to bring the character to life, her ability to convey depth and nuance into the character have added layers of complexity to Cheng Shih’s personality, making the Pirate Queen a truly compelling and memorable character.”

Liu describes Cheng Shih as a fascinating woman with incredible resilience and tenacity. And she seems quite excited for this new frontier in storytelling (at least, for her): she says, “This project marks the first time I embody a character through immersive storytelling and I’m honored to join forces with Singer Studios to share this historical narrative with a potentially new and expanded audience.”

Developed by Singer Studios, The Pirate Queen will be released for Meta Quest and mobile devices in early 2024.


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