Black comedy thriller Killer Frequency launching in June

Save the lives of radio call-ins.

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I’ve had one eye on Killer Frequency since the Future Games Show from June 2022 when it was briefly mentioned in a grouping of Team17 games. Now, a year later, the game is getting set to launch for PC, consoles, and VR on the same day in early June. The first-person black comedy thriller is set in a small-town American radio station… but there’s a twist, as a serial killer is on the loose.

Forrest Nash is a washed-up DJ and the presenter of The Scream late-night show, and he’s trying to help listeners and callers who are being stalked by a mysterious masked murderer. As one night unfolds, players will interact with callers using a bunch of different conversation options while listening for clues and information. Solving puzzles around the studio may help prevent their grisly demise. Of course, this is still radio, so keep to tunes flowing with songs inspired by the game’s time period, the 1980s. Only Forrest can prevent the slaughter, discover the killer’s identity, and keep the music going until the first light of day.

I’d argue the bulk of the game’s goodness is found in the people, larger-than-life personalities that include callers, suspects, and a charismatic producer. Players will either help the callers to safety or broadcast their final moments on air. They will also gather clues, make decisions, and solve puzzles – all of which can help save lives.

While the game is available for flatscreens, like PC and consoles, it’s designed from the ground up for Meta Quest 2 at 72 frames-per-second, allowing for a latency-free experience.

Developed and published by Team17 Digital, Killer Frequency will be released for Meta Quest 2, PC via Steam, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, Xbox Series, and Xbox One on June 1.


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