Take photos of pups in Pupperazzi, coming to Switch next month

Woof woof, woof!

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A banner for Pupperazzi featuring the game's logo and three dogs standing on a bench.

Did I mention woof woof? I’ve been obsessed with Pupperazzi, the doggy photography game, since it was announced. The obsession stayed through its launch, and I absolutely adored the game when I played it both on PC and Xbox. Now, it’s set to come to new audiences with an imminent Nintendo Switch launch.

If you ever wanted a career in dog photography, now’s your chance! Heck, even if you have never contemplated it, now’s a great time to start. Play as a camera (yep, you’re a legitimate walking camera) and explore various areas, taking photos of dogs as you go. It’s a pretty simple premise, but it’s also super adorable. The game is quite short, generally able to be completed within a handful of hours, but honestly I’ve replayed it so much just because it’s enthralling. That and I love photography and dogs. The game was basically tailor-made for people like me.

Photograph and catalog some of the finest dogs on the planet… and some of the derpiest! To be fair, the derpy ones are often the cuter ones. There are many breeds, including shibas, terriers, labs, and pugs. Since you’re a camera, the action is all first-person. The camera can do what people can do: run, jump, and interact with the world. And that means interacting with the dogs: play fetch, give them hats, torment them with a monster vacuum cleaner, and enjoy dance parties!

Professional photographers need to upgrade their gear regularly, and it’s no different in Pupperazzi. Upgrade the lenses (zoom anyone?) and choose what sort of film effect you’d like. Once you’re geared up, explore Lighthouse Cove, a boardwalk, a city, and more. Maybe even the moon!

Developed by Sundae Month and published by Kitfox Games, Pupperazzi will be released for Nintendo Switch on April 6. It is currently available for PC/Mac via Steam and Xbox One (compatible with Xbox Series).


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