Bushiroad Games announces a bunch of new games

JRPG fans rejoice at this new publishing label.

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Digitally Downloaded covers the announcement of five new games by new publisher, Bushiroad Games, including JRPG, Rear Sekai

Bushiroad (the company behind the likes of Cardfight!! Vanguard) has established a console games label, Bushiroad Games, and overnight announced a bunch of games. These are largely early in development, but there’s a lot here to get excited for – if nothing else, Bushiroad Games seems committed to supporting the kind of niche JRPG developers and projects that we love here at DDNet.

A summary of what has been announced is below:

Goblin Slayer Another Adventure: Nightmare Feast

This dark and controversial anime is getting an adaptation for Nintendo Switch and PC (via steam). There is no release date as of yet (nor any indication of an English/Western release).

Mushoku Tensei: Jobless Reincarnation – Quest of Memories

This one is being developed by Lancarse (the excellent team behind the likes of DioField Chronicle, Monark, and others). It will be coming to PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch and PC (via Steam). Again, no Western release or release date has been confirmed.

Macross Shooting Insight

This one won’t be a JRPG. As the title suggests, it’s going to be a bullet hell “new sensation scrolling shoot ’em up.” The fanbase for these kinds of games can be intense, but if you deliver something they love, they really love it. This one will release on PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch and PC (via Steam). It will launch this year in Japan, but no localisation announcement as yet.

Rear Sekai

We’re back to the JRPGs with this one! Bushiroad Games is partnering up with Hakama (the developer behind Rune Factory 5) to deliver a game that very much looks like a Hakama game. The same artist that worked on Rune Factory 5 (Minako Iwasaki) is working on this one. It will be a Nintendo Switch exclusive, and release in 2023 in Japan. No western announcement as yet.

Revue Starlight

Finally, there’s Revue Starlight, which is a visual novel that the developer behind Grisaia, Frontwing, is working on. It will release for Nintendo Switch and PC via Steam, and will land towards the end of the year (Winter) in Japan. Again, no news of a western localisation.

In short, there’s a lot to be excited about here. We just need a publisher like Aksys of NISA to get in touch with Bushiroad Games and get those localisations happening.

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