It’s Dark Inside is a fascinating upcoming turn-based horror game

Nightmares for thinking people.

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It’s too far-fetched to say that most people don’t associate turn-based gameplay with horror, but that’s exactly what It’s Dark Inside is aiming to do!

Developed by the team of Pixadome, a Swedish development subsidiary of Aurora Punks, It’s Dark Inside is certainly different from anything the team has previously worked on. In fact, it’s a grid-turn-based horror game, following the story of a mother traversing through the insides of an evil, gory god in search of her child. That’s right! You, the player, are tasked with travelling through different, segmented portions of this god’s cavernous body, slowly slaying it from the inside, disregarding your morals and the demands and concerns of the malevolent creatures (known as godspawn) that call this dank and damp place home alike.

Yes, this game potentially goes places. Back that up with what looks like a reasonably tactical combat system, and this one might just surprise people.

A pre-alpha gameplay trailer (above) showcases some rough graphics (but that’s not unusual for a pre-alpha, of course), but a lot of promise, particularly with regards to the storyline and promise of gameplay.

Currently the game is slated for release on Steam and Steam alone in 2023. Hopefully, if it proves successful, console ports are on the agenda as well.

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