Corn fields and Roswell aliens – Greyhill Incident is coming to consoles!

Time to pull out the Orson Welles voice...

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Humanity will forever be fascinated by aliens, and the question about whether we’ve actually been visited by them (and whether they’d be friendly). Greyhill Incident, an upcoming survival horror release currently set to come out sometime next year, taps into that fascination… and now it has been announced that it’s coming to consoles as well.

The game is the first-time creative project of Refugium Games, in collaboration with publisher, Perp Games. Despite having no prior experience and being relatively unknown, Refugium Games seems to have gone all the way to ensure as spooky and eerie of a setting as possible for these aliens to be running around.

The Greyhill Incident is story-driven, taking place in the early 90s, as you play a regular ole’ citizen of a neighbourhood beset by an invasion of these extra-terrestrial and extra-hostile lifeforms. As Ryan Baker, you’ll have to gather supplies and information about just what is going on. And also survive. Something that is by no means assured in this particular nightmare.

Greyhill Incident had originally been set to release sometime late this year but was somewhat discreetly delayed, now having a new set release range in Q2 of 2023, being made available for the PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series, and PC (via Steam).

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