Alice Gear Aegis is jumping from mobile to consoles on September 8 (in Japan)!

Release this outside of Japan, you cowards!

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Alice Gear Aegis news

For the past two weeks now, we’ve received a bunch of news from the publisher of Alice Gear Aegis CS: Concerto of Simulatrix.

If you’re not familiar with the release’s title, we’ll quickly fill you in on a brief history of Alice Gear Aegis development…

It all started back in 2018, when Pyramid, a game developer and subsidiary of Colopl, developed the original iteration of Alice Gear Aegis, an action mobile game that ended up becoming one of Colopl’s most renowned titles, even earning itself an upcoming movie adaptation (set to premiere some time in 2023).

Alice Gear Aegis CS: Concerto of Simulatrix, meanwhile, (I know, it’s an incredible mouthful) is essentially Pyramid’s attempt to port the original title to a larger audience of many different platforms, namely the PS4, PS5, and the Switch. It’s an important point to note that there isn’t a PC release or indication of an English localisation at the moment, but we’re holding out hope that this announcement is on its way, because the game really does look lovely.

The upcoming title will be a 3D battle action title with fully utilised 3D fields. The game accommodates up to six players for an online multiplayer experience, with a ‘Tag Match’ system, in which players control up to three separate characters each, with the alternative of a six-player battle royale style game mode. The Japanese trailer released today (unfortunately) does not depict any of this described gameplay, instead outlining dialogue for a probable storyline.

MAGES, formerly 5pb, is publishing the title in place of Colopl, possibly due to the latter’s inexperience with console releases. That too gives us hope for a western release, as MAGES is not inexperienced at supporting a global launch. Nevertheless, the game is set to release in Japan in both standard and limited editions in Japan on September 8, and let’s hope to see some developments regarding an English version sooner rather than later!


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