Glaciered, a new underwater action-adventure event from Japan, has been announced for PC

This could be a major hit for Japanese indie devs.

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Glaciered Announced

A strange new underwater action-adventure, Glaciered, has just been announced for PC.

I had originally thought that this game was set during some historically ancient earth or some alternate planet, but funnily enough, it’s actually set 65 million years after the fall of humanity!

Glaciered is currently in development by Studio Snowblind, a newly established Japanese independent game development studio founded by Kei Shibuya back in May of this year. Although he hasn’t produced any known projects under Studio Snowblind, Shibuya is known for his role – working on other projects, such as Project Nimbus: Complete Edition and Sumire, as well as various others since 2007.

But anyway, onto the game release itself.

Like what has been previously mentioned, Glaciered is set far into the future, where a certain “Everwinter” means that the entire surface of the earth has been reduced to glacial wastelands. Despite this, however, beneath the surface lies an incredibly diverse and flourishing ecosystem. Amongst many new species of plants and animals lies the Tuai, basically a super-creature descendant of the birds we know today. One of these emerging Tuai happens to be the main character of Glaciered story, who must fight against a menace that has threatened to end the Everwinter and jeopardise the current ecosystem’s way of life.

In addition to this sound storyline, players can expect highly detailed environments and character models, and an exceptional OST to back it all up.

Combat between yourself and the humungous members of the Crocodilian family that inhabit the waters is both melee and ranged-based, exhibiting abilities to control heat and cold alike.

This new release has the potential to break the mould of this genre of Japanese indie action adventures, but with no release date of any kind given thus far, we’ll just have to wait a while longer for more meaty info on the game.


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