Looking for some last-minute Christmas gifts? Give the gift of DDNet :-)

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Shopping by Matt S.

Okay, this is a bit of an advertisement and self-promotion, but it’s not something that we talk about too much at DDNet (mostly because we don’t want to spam our readers!), so if you didn’t know about this already, did you know that we do have a full merchandise store over at RedBubble, where we sell art featuring the four DDNet mascot characters on all kinds of awesome products? We even have a new Christmas-themed collection, and you’ve still got time to get it ordered and delivered for Christmas (we hope – shipping is all over the place right now).

For just a small sample of what we’ve got available, there are notebooks, mousepads, stickers and other such pieces of stationary:

Or, perhaps some coasters, featuring Dee Dee cosplaying as someone very familiar:
Buy this item here

You can support the revolution with this awesome pin badge (and please note we also have a wide range of badges that won’t get you lynched as a communist as well):

And if you do need to get some Christmas cards out, you can be sure to spread the seasonal cheer with this awesome card, featuring all four girls:
Buy this item here

There’s even some pretty awesome pixel Dee Dee socks. Because who doesn’t love pixel art?

Buy this item here

We even have coffee mugs, clocks, posters, tapestries, iPhone cases, shirts and… bath mats. It’s no exaggeration – the Dee Dee merchandise store features hundreds of products, and it’s all produced by RedBubble, one of the most reliable and well-regarded stores for artist-generated merchandise. 

Please do jump on and search around. Stickers of some of your favourite art that you’ve seen in our visual novels, in the Dee Dee Zine, or elsewhere on the site starts from just $2 or so. We get a margin percentage of each sale, so not only are you getting some awesome merchandise when you buy these goods, but you’re directly helping independent gaming media grow and thrive. And that benefits you, too, since we can continue producing all the reviews, features, videos and more, so it’s a win-win! 
Thank you for your ongoing support of everything that we do on this site!

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