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Maverick publisher, Devolver Digital, has announced Terra Nil, a game by Free Lives. Terra Nil is a city builder with a difference; rather than paving over paradise to put up parking lots, your job in Terra Nil is environmental rejuvenation.

You’ll need to guide the land through multiple stages of biodiversity, improve the climate, and eventually recycle the buildings that you use to undertake the cultivation. As you build, the world starts teeming with life and energy, and you can feel good about doing the right thing while enjoying the hand-painted art and chill, meditative soundtrack.

Between climate change and the ongoing destruction of the planet to exploit it for resources, this game is going to come across as hugely uplifting, painting the picture that rejuvenation and restoration is not only possible, but it’s going to be rewarding. Most simulation video games aim to teach players about something in an abstract way. You have to hope that people will get the message of Terra Nil.

The release date is “coming soon” but a demo will be available to players on the 16th.

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