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More Nobunaga’s Ambition is coming out in the west!

I always get so happy when I hear about a Nobunaga’s Ambition or Romance of the Three Kingdoms game being localised for the west. For many years, Koei Tecmo stopped localising them, but now it seems like there’s enough of a niche audience for them that they’re worth localising again. Nobunaga’s Ambition: Taishi will be the third English-release Nobunaga’s Ambition game on PlayStation 4. It’s also getting a release on PC. Sadly, while there’s a Nintendo Switch version of the game, it hasn’t been announced for localisation.

As with previous games, Nobunaga’s Ambition will be a methodical, deep, strategically rich game; the kind that you’ll need to sit down with for a few hours to really start to get a feel for, and the more that you put into it, the greater the reward you’ll get out of it. This one also has some major new features, as per the media release:

These elements are further enhanced through the introduction of the Resolve System; where each officer has their own set of aspirations that will depict how they will act in a given situation and gameplay will change accordingly, with new tactics needed to accommodate opposing or similar viewpoints. With the Resolve System officers will be showcase a more human and personal feel, providing players a deeper insight into the historical simulation the series is renowned for. 

Bullet Witch is coming to PC after many years

When I saw a single screenshot of Bullet Witch (a game I hadn’t actually head of before), I immediately tweeted out “Bayonetta clone?” Because that’s what it looked like. Of course then people pointed out that this game came out well before the original Bayonetta, and so I felt quite silly.

And then people pointed out that it is a Cavia game, and suddenly I became very, very interested in it. Cavia was the developer of the original NieR; an absolute masterpiece and one of the greatest games that no one ever played. Sadly that game then subsequently put Cavia out of business…

But Marvellous has dipped into the company’s back catalogue, and Bullet Witch is releasing on PC. And soon, too! It’s out on April 25.

Fate/Extella Link is coming to the west

There’s a couple of Marvellous and XSEED stories in the catch-up coffee today, and that’s because the awesome announcements just keep rolling in. This time around, the duo have announced a western localisation of Fate/Extella Link, the sequel to the best Warriors game not developed by Koei Tecmo.

This one releases in Winter (Summer for southern hemisphere folk), which means there’s quite a wait ahead. But it’ll be worth the wait! A new multiplayer mode for 4-on-4 online battles gives us the competitive Warriors experience that we’ve all been waiting for for many years now. The roster is also significantly expanded on – there are now 26 different heroes to play with, which is an increase of 10 on the original game.

The storytelling will also be deeper, we’re promised, with a hub area to visit between battles allowing you to wander around and just hang with your favourite hero (Elizabeth Bathory).

Compile Heart has launched a virtual YouTuber

This story isn’t so much about a game, but virtual YouTubers are becoming something of a rage in Japan. Driven by the popularity of Ai Kazuna (And she is to YouTube what Hatsune Miku is to music), others are now starting to get on board with the silliness, and the latest is Compile Heart with Ileheart.

If you can understand Japanese, it’ll be a good idea to keep track of this YouTube channel, because you can be pretty sure that Compile Heart will use it heavily for the promotion of its games and other bits of news.

Introductory video above. Virtual YouTubers are a… surreal… bunch, but hey, it’s better than Logan Paul.

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