The 24 games of Christmas! Game #18: Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp

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It’s that time of year again! The decorations are out, the house smells of Christmas thanks to the tree in the living room, presents are sitting under the tree and all the good food is on the table. We do love Christmas at DDNet, and as always, we’re doing an advent calendar of our own on the site. Each day we’re going to list one game that’s just perfect to play over the Christmas season, so be sure to check back each day to get all the gaming suggestions you’ll need for the season. 

Game #18: Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp

Every Animal Crossing title is perfect for Christmas. The series is known not for being games to be conquered or plot-heavy exposition dumps; they represent relaxation, creativity, and freedom in their purest forms. That light-hearted tone is just what you need to slow down and indulge life’s simple joys. That’s to say nothing of the festive weather changes and in-game holidays that tie in with the real world.

Pocket Camp, though, has the added advantage of being on a mobile device and therefore accessible no matter where you venture on vacation. It’s definitely a streamlined experience (even compared to the primitive N64 original), but it’s pleasant to spend a few minutes each day decorating or fishing to your heart’s content.

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