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It’s E3 time! The annual event is always something that we look forward to at, as it tells us in no uncertain terms the games that we’ll be playing in the years ahead.

This year, we’re running special DDNet live podcasts immediately after the EA, Ubisoft, Microsoft and Sony conferences (and we’ll have a special podcast all on Nintendo next week). We’ll share our thoughts on each of the show; what was revealed, what we liked the look of, and what we weren’t so keen on. If anyone has questions or comments they’d like to share through the show, you are most welcome to!

Watch the broadcasts live here, immediately after each show wraps up, and what with us there:

In the meantime, here’s our response to the EA show. We… weren’t overly impressed, but we’re quite sure that the Microsoft, Ubisoft, and Sony shows will be much more interesting.

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