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Friday, January 13, 2017

It's time that adult games were allowed on to consoles

Opinion by Matt S.

This week something quite special happened on Steam. Christine Love’s sexually explicit Ladykiller in a Bind was allowed onto Valve’s platform without requiring edits. In other words, on a platform that had previously denied erotic games, an erotic game was finally available to players.

Ladykiller in a Bind isn’t straight pornography, of course, and while I haven’t played it myself yet, based on what I have played of Christine Love’s other games I am certain that this will fall firmly on the very artistic side of transgressive art. It’s erotic with a purpose, in other words. I’m betting that the game is more in the vein of Realm of the Senses or Eyes Wide Shut, if people could finally get around to seeing that film as the brilliant work it is.

But regardless of what the game is, what has impressed me about the news is that it might just mean that Valve is finally shifting its policy towards games that are adult because of how they portray sexuality. The platform has for a long time had no issue with games that are adult because of violent content; Gabe Newell himself stood up and reinstated a nasty game on the grounds of “freedom of expression” (and, vile as the game is, good on him there). But until now Valve has not been the place to go for your pornographic visual novels and the like. Hopefully this change in direction isn’t a one off.

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It's time that adult games were allowed on to consoles
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