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Fairy Fencer F: Advent Dark Force is being re-released for the PlayStation 4, and that means we get lots of wonderful new character art to ogle at! Depending on which story route you choose, party members who were once your enemies may fight alongside you. Let’s take a look at a whopping six more characters from the Idea Factory game we gave 4.5 stars upon its original release.

Galdo (above) is a hot-blooded Fencer employed by the Dorfa corporation. He wields a scythe-shaped fairy weapon. Waldo’s fairy partner is Marissa, a motherly personality who compliments the rowdy personality of “her Galdy-kins.”

Paiga is one of Dorfa’s Four Heavenly Czars. He is technically a Fencer, but he isn’t the best when it comes to combat and much prefers to take a supervisory position during battles. He is accompanied by his fairy partner Vivan, who is often teased for her choice of a scantily-clad outfit and mouse ears.

Marianna is another of Dorfa’s Four Heavenly Czars. She works diligently to collect Furies to strengthen Dorfa’s influence, but this Fencer shows a softer side by volunteering at orphanages in her spare time. Her fairy partner is Khalara, who looks like a bouncy stuffed animal but is actually far too foul-mouthed to be around children.

As previously discussed, Fairy Fencer F: Advent Dark Force adds three new story paths to the original. Also new to Advent Dark Force is the ability to have up to six characters on the battlefield at a time, as opposed to three. There are also three new difficulty settings to help balance gameplay (Easy, Normal, Hard).

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