Victoria II expands with the Heart of Darkness

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Paradox announced an expansion to their popular industrial age Victoria II political sim with Heart of Darkness.

The untapped resources of Africa beckon as civilizations collide and empires large and small clash on the global stage in Paradox’ newest. Heart of Darkness takes on and adapts the Scramble for Africa- the mad 19th century rush for the wealth of a continent that remained largely untouched by European powers.

Rapid industrialization and new technologies have made it possible for your growing power to push into lands once considered uninhabitable for “civilized” men. The riches of Africa beckon you, as you explore new territories and exploit the wealth and people within. But a growing empire will eventually bump into another power with the same ambitions, and a savvy smaller state will know how to exploit the conquerors’ greed and pride.

Victoria II: Heart of Darkness also introduces a new diplomatic event called International Crisis. This new happening sets a stage where empires can go head to head and smaller powers can unsettle and manipulate larger ones through ‘Great Power’ mediation.

All in all, here’s what’s new in the expansion pack:

  • New colonization system that emphasizes competition between expanding powers and the possibility for minor disputes to escalate into crises
  • New naval system with greater detail in battles, including gun ranges and positioning, and more types of ships to bridge the gap between ironclads and dreadnoughts
  • International crises that will test the resolve of Great Powers and force them to decide what price they will pay to maintain their prestige. As a smaller power, stir up crises to force the world to pay attention to your grievances.
  • A newspaper system will allow you to track all the most important events in your world instead of relying on the game log. With over 60 papers to choose from, find those that will tell you what you really need to know.
Victoria II: Heart of Darkness is expected to hit PC’s in March of this year.

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