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Reverb and 2 Dawn Games have announced that their post-apocalyptic online shooter will arrive on PC’s next month. And if you buy now, you’ll get a beta invite on the house.

Officially, Ravaged will be available on October 17th (for $24.99 USD). If you plunk down some pre-order cash now though, you’ll be able to play right now because you’ll be on the receiving end of one complimentary beta invite. If you’re gonna pick it up anyway, you might as well start playing now right?

If that sounds like a winning proposition to you, you can pony up at any of these fine e-retailers: 

Veteran indie developer 2 Dawn Games’ PC shooter is available now to pre-order via Steam and notable online retailers RainGameStopOriginGamersgateMetaboliGOGHumble Bundle, and Greenman Gaming

From what I’ve seen of Ravaged it looks like it might be a winner. Developer 2 Dawn Games (who boast a squad made up of folks who’ve worked on titles like Battlefield 2 and Frontlines) has a lot going on in this one and it’s pretty loaded. All in all there are five different classes of character, vehicles to drive (…over other players), clan support, dedicated servers, and 32 player battles. Not bad at all.

There’s also a little contest kicking up for those enterprising individuals out there. Show off your skills in the game by recording your play session and upload it to Reverb’s Ravaged Video Director’s Contest and you just might walk away with a hardware prize package valued at three grand. Now that’s not only ‘not bad’, it’s pretty awesome. Enter here– of you dare…

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