Reverb Games licenses Unreal Engine 3

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Reverb Games, publisher of Dungeon Defenders, announced an agreement today that’ll put the popular Unreal engine in the hands of quite a few more developers.

Through the new agreement, Reverb has licensed Epic’s Unreal Engine 3 for use on just about every platform known to man for digital distribution. That makes Reverb the first publisher to have a “site license agreement’ for UE3. What’s that mean? In short, it means that any developer working with Reverb automatically gets full use of the engine and all it’s trimmings for use on whatever they’re building.

UE3 was actually used in the creation of Dungeon Defenders, the house’s biggest hit, and the company is itching to get it’s devs started on more.

“The Reverb publishing model has always been about allowing developers to make game creation their uninterrupted focus,” said Doug Kennedy, president and CEO, Reverb Publishing. “By securing such liberal access to the Unreal Engine, we can now offer our development teams the world’s best game engine, coupled with a business model which provides them complete support for their titles, without losing ownership of their intellectual property and without the lopsided deals cut by many of the traditional publishers.”

Covering Xbox Live, the PSN, iOS, Android, PC, & Mac downloadables; the agreement is a hit for Epic as well. According to Licensing Manager Joe Kreiner, the Unreal company is all about giving the Indie’s their day in the sun.

“This license with Reverb ensures more Unreal Engine development teams are supported with the type of launch programs independent studios need to have a successful digital title,” said Joe Kreiner, North American licensing manager, Epic Games. “It’s important for Epic to do more than simply license our tech; we are always looking for opportunities to help indie developers successfully bring their creations to market.”

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