Sonic Triple Trouble rated for eShop; Game Gear games coming soon?

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We’ve found that the 3DS Virtual Console has plenty of good retro games, but it’s hard to deny that weekly releases have been rather slow. The typical week brings one new title for Game Boy or Game Boy Color (if that). If the latest rating by the ESRB (Entertainment Software Rating Board) is to be believed, though, Sonic is coming to “speed” up releases, so to speak.

Triple Trouble is one of Sonic’s many 2D platforming outings on the Game Gear, but it’s also commonly regarded as the best. The game has been released in a few retail collections, but never digitally.

Sega announced nearly one year ago that Game Gear titles would be coming to the Virtual Console, but we’ve yet to even see a third party handhelds so far. The list of announced Japanese titles includes Sonic Triple Trouble, Sonic Drift 2, Shinobi, Dragon Crystal, and Columns.

While the ESRB has not always been an accurate way of determining when or if a game will be released (see EarthBound on the Wii’s Virtual Console), it would make sense for Game Gear games to start pouring in sometime soon. To top it all off, this Thursday is “Hedgehog Day”. Coincidence? Probably, but Thursday also happens to be the the day of North America’s eShop update. Hmm…

Should Sonic Triple Trouble hit the eShop, expect a review to follow.

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