Double Fine invades the Xbox Live update

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You know Double Fine don’t you? They made the underrated classic Psychonauts and the, um, not so great Brutal Legend. Now they’re back with a Kinect game in tow- and it’s one that you might be very interested in.

Double Fine Action Theater is not so much of a ‘game’ per say, no, it’s more of a toy. A toy that will let players do all kinds of completely insane and off the wall things. Want to swim around in a bowl of jelly? Sure why not! Feel like making a clone of yourself and having a snowball fight? Sounds like fun!

This is really the kind of stuff that Kinect shines with and it’s always nice when a game company ‘gets’ that. I’m hoping for big things with this one.


  • Double Fine Action Theater – 800mspts — I think I covered this one but just a note from the official description: Have you ever noticed how your living room doesn’t have any hot lava in it? And who designed this living room anyway?! It doesn’t even have any buildings to smash! Well, Double Fine Happy Action Theater can solve all of these problems and more! 
  • Rhythm Party – 800mspts — Another ‘Kinect only’ arcade title, Rhythm Party brings the dancin’ with an extra helping of special effects and a side order of ‘international artists’.

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  • Syndicate – The remake of the classic PC title appears as a co-op demo
  • First Templar – Skipped First Templar the first time around? I think everybody did… Anyway, here’s a demo for it. Play it and judge for yourself if the poor knights of the Christ are rolling over in their graves or not.

Game Add-Ons

Games on Demand

  • Section 8 – No not the United States housing allotment for the down on their luck, this one is a super-generic looking online FPS.
  • First Templar – Skipped First Templa… wait a sec… I said all that already. I don’t know… something’s wrong here…oh, this is the full game! Okay. Well- same as above but not a demo.

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