Nintendo reports some negative financial news for FY11

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Nintendo has forecast some pretty depressed financial results for the year – it has revised down its FY11 expectations, and is now expecting an operating loss of 45,000 million Yen.

The company has blamed the results on two things – lower than expected 3DS sales, and a too-strong yen on the global financial market.

The former is something Nintendo can fix, and is doing so. The 3DS is selling like nothing else in Japan now, and is picking up steam in the west after a very slow start.

The Yen is out of Nintendo’s control, but Nintendo is not the only company hoping that… little… problem gets fixed quick-smart. The earthquake, tsunami and Fukushima nuclear incident were, of course, a big part of Japan’s financial woes this year (though by no means the only problems – this has been an ongoing issue in Japan for years now), and with a new GFC looming thanks to the European and American economies, 2012 might be a hard one for Nintendo as well.

Still, the vendor is in a better position than many, and has got some new hardware to sell this year. The expectation is that the Wii U will be launched in time for Christmas this year.

Fingers crossed Nintendo has a better launch, eh?

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