Deadlight coming Summer 2012 on XBLA

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Developer Tequila Works announced today an exclusive partnership with Microsoft Game Studios to bring its new IP Deadworks to the Xbox Live Arcade.

If you haven’t heard of Deadworks, don’t worry too much, neither have I. But from what I’ve seen of it so far, I like it a lot.

In an apocalyptic world where there is no reason to exist, a man crosses the American west coast. Surviving is much more than a daily routine in this original cinematic puzzle platformer. Deadlight is to be released as an XBLA exclusive title in summer 2012.

Although it certainly remains to be seen what the finished product will look like, from these first screens, the title looks to be absolutely dripping with high quality visuals. And it’s a platformer? A serious, adult themed, platformer? That’s almost enough to sell me right there.

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