XBLA slows down for the holidays

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So just as the rest of us are picking up steam holiday shopping and caroling door to door (anybody still do that?) the Xbox Live Marketplace is taking a little time to slow down and make snow angels.

With that kind of a lead in, I’m sure you’re wondering what’s good this week? Well, we’ll dispence with the pleasantries because there ain’t much. In fact, there’s sort-of-trivia-game Apples to Apples from THQ, some Avatar items, and sale stuff that’s already been on sale.


Avatar Marketplace

  • Rocky
  • Battlefield 3 update 2
  • Burton Fall/Winter 2012
  • NHL update
  • Quicksilver Winter Collection
  • Sonic Generations 
  • The Darkness 2

Deal of the Week

Game Add-Ons

  • Forza Motorsport 4 December IGN Pack

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