Nintendo eShop the target of fraudsters?

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Things can’t get worse for Nintendo right now with online gaming.

Not only are they struggling to get content up on the eShop, but now it looks like fraudsters are ruining the party for them.

With one, large, credit card company in Australia, trying to use the credit card to purchase funds from the eShop results in the credit card becoming blocked.

Why? After ringing the credit card service, it’s because there’s been numerous cases of fraudulent purchases being attempted through the eShop, so they’ve needed to put the big exclamation mark over anyone who tries to shop through the portal.

None of this is Nintendo’s fault – the shop itself isn’t compromised, but because of the number of cases, it’s suddenly become harder to buy stuff from there.

Might be a good time to buy those prepaid cards, because getting a credit card unblocked is an irritating process.

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