G5 Entertainment launches casual games shopping helper

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Looking for a new iPad/ iPhone casual game to get you through a plane flight or long train trip? Here’s an easy way to track one down.

Casual play specialists G5 Games have released a handy little app, called G5 Games Navigator, to help you track down the perfect casual game. G5 does find quality games in the genre, so the Navigator should be a useful too, as it presents an elegant way to view the full catalogue across a variety of formats (PC, iOS and Mac). In other words, it’ll be a good first point of call.

Within each category is a list of games. Tapping on one brings up a description, allowing you to view video of the game in action as well.

G5’s twitter feed and Facebook are also built into the application, so it’s easy to keep up to date with what they’re getting up to.

Not much more to this application, but as we said before, if you’re interested in shopping for a casual game, this is a clean way to browse through some of the best.

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