Fallout: New Vegas (sort of) expands

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Bethesda today announced the release of a pair of mini-content packs on Steam, Xbox LIVE, and the PSN. Depending on whether or not you pre-ordered the game before it was released, you may already have one of them…

And that pack is- the Courier’s Stash. Now up for $1.99 or 160mspts, the Stash gives you immediate access to the four content bundles that were offered (at the time) as retailer exclusive pre-order items. The Stash includes the Caravan Pack, Classic Pack, Mercenary Pack, and Tribal Pack. Each one offers unique items and weaponry, so even if you pre-ordered and got the pack you just couldn’t roam the wastes without, you still might want to go all in for this one.

The second addition is the Gun Runners’ Arsenal. This one is a brand new offering that features range increases, gun mods, new ammo types, and recipes for the Mojave Wasteland. This one will cost you $3.99 on Steam and the PSN, and 320mspts on Live.

So it’s something old, something new. Nothing borrowed or blue… sorry wedding fans.

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