What Happened to Xbox Live Last Night?

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For a brief period of time in the early morning hours of May 26th (today), Xbox Live Marketplace went down in both it’s console and online forms. What happened?

Edit: It’s May 26th in the US, we can’t all be from the future you know.

Is online gaming under siege or what? Microsoft’s gaming marketplace for its Xbox console has been fairly trouble free in the midst of the biggest attack on an online gaming service ever – the PSN outage. But now, just as that particular set of troubles may be coming to a close, are a new bunch arising?

Its popularly thought that the whole reason that the Playstation Network was attacked at all was because Sony had gone after hacker/ modder GeoHotz with a little more gusto than many thought was necessary. The crippling hacks were considered retaliation for that. But what has Microsoft done to warrent anything?

Nothing. But could online hacking groups now see that gaming services might sitting ducks- ripe for the plucking? Maybe. Sony’s security measures were annihilated in short order and most attempts to re-instate service have failed. Only in the last two weeks has there been any real measure of success, with online multiplay coming back and the marketplace expected to be back up soon.

The long and the short of it is that Live did go down last night, but thereafter it was business as usual with the system seeing full operation on both the Xbox and the PC. If the industry has, in fact, become a target as a whole – then this might just be the tip of the iceberg.

Stay tuned here folks, if more develops, we’ll have it for you.

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